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How Books, Games, Daydreaming and Meditation Can Be Negative To Your Spirit: Romance Porn and Pokemon Go Are NOT Innocent Pleasures

This is another very long blog, but I hope you will stick with it to the end!  To fully understand how this all came about, you have to know where it started, how it evolved and how, after decades, I finally figured out the iniquity and demonic influences at work in this area of my life.  The devil doesn’t have any ‘new’ tricks.  They are the same exact ones that have worked for thousands of years and undoubtedly, he’s using these against people even now.  I hope to get my story out to those who need to hear this TRUTH.

I recently read an article entitled “Augmented Reality” of Pokémon GO Signals Need for Redemption, Says Expert.  A great article about virtual reality games and what’s really behind them.  Then I ready another article entitled “Romance Porn: More Women are Addicted Than You Think” which is about how romance novels are basically porn for women.  I immediately realized that these two things are actually connected.  And I have known this for YEARS and have never told anyone… until now.


From as far back as I can remember, I saw my mother and my grandmother (on my mother’s side) reading Harlequin romance books.  This was during the 1970s and 1980s and they had tons of them.  And when my grandmother would come and visit us during summer break, my mom always gave her books and took her to used bookstores where they would exchange and buy more and more books.  At any one time, I suspect my mother had about 100 of these books in her possession.  When I became a teenager, I became bored one summer and picked up one of my mother’s romance books and read it.  It wasn’t a good story by any stretch of the imagination, but I then understood the appeal these books had; the book made me FEEL GOOD.  Like really, really good.  It made me feel like I was the heroine/ love interest in the story and was desired by a manly-man who could have any woman he wanted, but he wanted ME.  It most definitely had an intoxication about it and I needed more and more.  I quickly found that with Harlequin books the stories were basically identical and I grew bored of them quickly.

-Sweet Savage Eden

I went to bookstores and found “historical” romance novels which quickly became my favorites.   These books started me down a path that was negative on my spirit, but I wouldn’t see it or understand why until decades later.

Now, like any normal young adult who wasn’t a Christian at that time in my life, I watched lots of television and movies as well.  I succumbed to the indoctrination that Hollywood pushes on the young.  By the time I was in high school, I thought maybe the Bible wasn’t all true… maybe Jesus *might* just have been a guy… maybe the devil had gotten a bad rap all these years.  I saw this theme played out in countless movies and television shows.  I believed in God and Jesus and my family considered ourselves Christian, but we were anything but that.   I watched many paranormal ghost shows and movies, aliens, horror… they all appealed to me because everyone watched them.  And why not?  I was “normal”, just like everybody else, right?



I have included this information to show that if kids are not receiving SPIRITUAL guidance at home from their parents, they WILL get it from somewhere else, just like I got it from books, movies and television.  My parents taught me common sense and good values, but almost none of it was related to God.

I was having a very difficult life as a young person, well before high school.  I was bullied at home by my mother and sister and then starting in the 5th or 6th grade I was bulled by the other kids, and even by some teachers.  Bullies at school was not unusual for the late 70s.  I was odd, a social outcast, and never had many friends.  Without Jesus in my life, obstacles were numerous and getting over them was impossible.  (At age 40, I discovered I had Asperger’s syndrome and you can read more about that on my blog post “Iniquities, Forgiveness and Punishment”.)  But as young as maybe 12 years old, I began fantasizing or daydreaming about a better life that I couldn’t manage to find in reality.  In my fantasies, I had many friends and was popular.  Often, the fantasies had me finding a boyfriend, someone just like in the romance novels I read at the time.  Sometimes I would see a movie and become infatuated with the characters, who then became the source of my fantasy daydreams.

I could watch a movie like hypothetically, Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back, and then I would insert myself as the damsel in distress (like, Princess Leia) me-and-hanand then make up fantasies, new stories that in my mind was a continuation of the movie.  I could lay in bed for hours, with eyes open or closed, and just daydream the story as if I was actually reading a book about it… or even LIVING IT.  When I got up again, I would become depressed because that “life” was over for now and it was back to unhappiness of reality.  In my adult years, I began treating the characters as if they were ‘real’.  I would speak to them in the car while driving, and continue the fantasy when I took a break at work and went into the restroom.  It really was like a drug-addict stopping for a quick fix.  But my real life was unhappy at best.  There’s no reason to write all about what was wrong at the time… you can find it in some of my other blogs.  Suffice it to say, that I was “spiritually lost” and very unhappy.


Sometime after I was married at age 30, I started another ‘Spiritual Quest’ where I was seeking TRUTH.  Without the Lord to guide me, I was instead guided by evil forces to New Age beliefs.  I began reading books that said ‘we make our own destinies’ and whatever you THINK, you can make happen.  Something I read said that you must ACT like what you want is coming, to think about it every step of the way.  Furthermore, if you really –create– your own future in your mind, it will become reality.  So with that knowledge in mind, I started fantasizing again about how I wanted my life to be down to every minute detail.  But I still thought I was a Christian and since Age 6 at least, I had ALWAYS prayed to God.  So I would pray and then have these fantasies.  During this process, I started to feel in my Spirit that God did NOT want me to fantasize at all.  I began to feel it was WRONG…. very, very wrong.  I didn’t understand why at the time, but the Holy Spirit was urging me so strongly against it that I stopped.

What I then began to realize is that every time I had a great stress in my life, whether at work or home, I would always go back to the fantasy as a relief from the stress.  Again, it was like an alcoholic, shopaholic, drug-addict, sex-addict, etc. looking for a quick fix against whatever stresses they were trying to get away from.   The deception was so perfect, I didn’t SEE this truth until well into my 30s.


After I became a true Christian and got away from New Age beliefs, repented and began actually studying the BIBLE, I began to notice that MORE bad things would happen when I fantasized during stressful times.  Specifically, STRIFE… great strife would happen with me and others.  So I tried and tried to stop fantasizing altogether.  When I did that, the object of my fantasy began –looking for me- instead of the other way around.  I noticed that he would enter my mind at odd times, and try and engage me… anything to get my attention on him.  That’s when I finally figured out it was DEMONIC, and had been all these years!  A specific demon or demons was responsible for the fantasizing, or more appropriately, behind the encouragement of me doing it.  I also saw the TRUTH that this was an INIQUITY passed down to me from my mother and grandmother, and who knows how many generations before them.

Fiction Books and Movies CAN lead to some people fantasizing/daydreaming and it CAN bring about SIN in your life.  That doesn’t mean it does it to ALL people.  But for me, I no longer read fiction books as they allow for your mind to interpret what it’s reading, that is… it brings about pictures in your mind that could lead me back to fantasizing.  I can still watch fiction movies but they no longer have the hold over me they once did.

And now, when those demons knock on the door trying to get me to just stop a minute and fantasize (give them my attention) as a means of stress-control, I instead turn to the LORD and send the demons packing.

I also believe that as “virtual reality” games get closer and closer to real life, people will start to experience demonic activity associated with them.  Case in point; Pokemon Go.  You take your smartphone out in the world and attempt to find –creatures- not of this Earth, and they can only be seen with the phone.  ???  How does that not = demonic?

I hope this story will serve as a warning to all women and men who choose to fantasize, daydream or worse….. MEDITATE, in the way I did.  And virtual reality is just an extension of that.

KNOW THIS:  You are opening the door of your mind to every kind and type of demon and they WILL ENTER and WILL try to control you.  They WILL wreak havoc in your life in more ways than one.  It’s NOT INNOCENT, NOT PRETEND, and certainly NOT GODLY.  My experiences are not just unique to me.  I’m not that special, I promise.  Books, movies, television and games can open doors you don’t want open, trust me on that.


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