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Andrew Wommack and Faith Like A Grain of Mustard Seed

My husband and I have been followers of Andrew Wommack for several years.  It is apparently not popular to follow him and I get some hate emails from even mentioning him in my blog!  However, that won’t deter me from speaking about him.  I have found his teachings to be simple and provide a wealth of information.  While I’m still a fairly new Christian, the things that Andrew Wommack teaches were even unknown to my husband who has been a Christian for over 4 decades.  Andrew’s simple teachings have opened our eyes to the TRUTH that the devil has wanted to remain hidden for so long.

got But make no mistake, even now we struggle with some of the teachings.  What we are finding is this;   Andrew is here to teach the simplest form of these truths.  He is a good place to start;  a sort of “jumping off” point.  Christians should always study the Bible on their own and with others.  And while the new information Andrew has shown us is invaluable, there is still  more to the story.  Do I doubt the Lord answers every prayer, every time as Andrew says?  NOPE.  I believe that 100%.  Then WHY are all my prayers not being answered?  Andrew says it’s “unbelief” or maybe because an improper request was made, or maybe even something else that can’t be guessed.  But whatever the reason, he is right.  There IS more… there IS something else.  And only the Lord can tell us what or why.

We have believed, and seen our prayer answered just hours later.  We were having a less than normal month in our otherwise successful business.  Our business is such that certain months are slower than others.  So we prayed for grocery money.  It was an actual “need”.  My husband was heading off to a meeting and they were doing a raffle.  And a couple hours later, he came home with money in his pocket.  He had 2 winnings actually, which more showed the Lord’s hand in it!  He first won a “draw” and then when he drew, he won the pot!  Glory to God!  We praised and praised.  But truth be told, we both somehow knew he was coming home with that money.  We felt it in our spirits.  But this does not happen every time we make a request to God.  We KNOW that we have faith and belief and do not waver from it.  We KNOW that, just as Andrew Wommack teaches, the Lord DOES answer every prayer, every time, so long as it is appropriate.  But something else is keeping prayers from being answered.  I have asked the Lord about this and been receiving some answers just recently.  

Don't Limit God!I’ve been wanting to know why the healing I am trying to get is not happening.  I have struggled with obesity for many years.  I am more active than most women I know and eat normal meals.  I don’t sit my butt on a sofa all day or eat enough food for 7 people.  I KNOW in my spirit this is a metabolism or similarly related health issue I inherited through iniquity (my mother has it, other women in the family too.)  And the Lord showed me it was because of my heart-attitude.  I’ve long wanted healing from obesity.  The Lord showed me that the healing I wanted was for my outward appearance and not because of medical issues.  And He is right!  I care more about how I look and how others see me, and the health needs are secondary at best.  I need to get my heart right and THEN the healing will come.  The Lord SHOWED me this.  That isn’t something Andrew Wommack can teach you.  Andrew teaches that there are reasons you aren’t getting your healing, but he can’t show you every possible scenario.  Only the LORD can show you what is preventing your prayer from being answered!  And I suspect that oftentimes, it is because of demonic intervention.

I can give you a perfect example on this from Daniel.  In Daniel 9:20-21, Daniel says specifically that while he was STILL in the middle of his prayer, an angel of the Lord, Gabriel, showed up with an answer to it.  He had not even finished praying and it was answered.  However, then in Daniel 10:12-14, his prayer request comes about very differently.  He waits 3 weeks for it to be answered.  The angel then comes and says that he was detained by the “King of Persia” and another angel, Michael, had to come and help him.  If you’ve been studying your Bible you know that “King of Persia” is a reference used for a demon or the devil himself.  In effect, the devil kept the prayer from being answered.  The Bible does not tell us why.  It would seem that when the devil believes he can keep a prayer from being answered, he will.  The verse also states that the angel said “Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard.”  It’s clear that the angel is saying that from the second He heard the prayer, the Lord answered it and it was only delayed because of demonic intervention.  And that the angel dispatched by God had to fight with this demon for so long that another angel had to jump in and help.  Clearly, there is MUCH going on “behind the scenes” that we will never see while on this planet.  This is another area where FAITH comes in!

The bottom line is that if you don’t know why your prayers are not being answered, you have to look to the Lord for the answers.

I’ll give you another example the Lord shared with me recently.  I speak to the planet and other things quite often.  I have FAITH that what I command will be done.  I believe the Bible where Jesus says:  “…Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”   ~Matthew 17:20

I have a couple examples of this.  I have a terrible fear of wasps and they seek me out in their demonic-like fashion.  When doing yard work, I am harassed to an extent that isn’t normal.  So when I walk out the door, I always speak to the bugs and tell them that they WILL stay away from me.  Whatever they need to do, they can do away from me and my yard.  Without fail, they do exactly as I say.  One day, I saw something like a large hornet coming at me at top speed and without even thinking, I started speaking in tongues straight at it and just before it ran directly into me, it veered off in a most unearthly manner and disappeared.  I use this command of the planet, so to speak, in other ways as well.  About a month ago, I spoke to the Earth and told it to snow.  We haven’t seen much snow this season and it’s something I love and was really missing it!  The snow came but not exactly as I spoke it.  When I thought on it, the Lord put it on my heart that the reason it didn’t happen the way I commanded was that my request was self-serving.  He reminded me of the stray cats we feed and asked what I thought of them having to walk a long way in cold, wet snow to get to the food.  And what about people that have car or personal accidents due to snow?  His communication was simple;  my request for snow was selfish and served no godly purpose.   Boy, did I feel dumb after that, albeit wiser now. 

wellIn conclusion, I believe that Andrew Wommack is NOT wrong.  The advice he gives and his interpretations of the Bible are spot on.  In my opinion and my own experience, Andrew is trying to get people on the right path.  He’s giving advice that IS simple.  Now, that being said, it’s NOT ALWAYS *that* simple.  Sometimes there is demonic intervention or a prayer that was ungodly, or maybe an open door in your life due to sin.  There are too many reasons to count as to why your specific prayer may not be answered.  But just as Andrew says, if your prayer is not answered, there’s a reason for it.  It’s up to YOU to find the reason, and NOT up to the Lord to work around it!


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Not Everything You Should Know is Written in the Bible… But Many Things Are!

Well Friends, I woke up yesterday morning with the Holy Spirit telling me to write again.  It apparently doesn’t matter to Him that I have tons of other work to do, like my 2014 taxes, I’ve got to stop everything and blog.  haha  😉

So, I’ll start off this blog with an example of “not everything you should know is written in the Bible…”

Back when I was partly Christian and partly New-Ager, I used to think things about the Bible that were just not true.  Mostly they were things heard on a television program or things incorrectly told to me by others.  I used to be angry with God and wonder why certain things were not addressed in the Bible, like will my cat be in Heaven?  I mean, after all, if the Bible is supposed to be a sort of “instruction manual” for life on earth, then shouldn’t more information be in it?  That’s what I used to think, anyway.

Now that I’ve studied the Bible for many years, I realize that God wants us to read the Bible to obtain specific information but also wants us to figure out certain things on our own.  I remember one day I said, with very little thought and quite innocently, “God, I’d like to have a private conversation with you. One where it’s just you and me and no demons can hear it at all.”  I figured that it was a proper request, even though there’s no Bible passage that tells me to do that.  So I asked it, in FAITH, and then went about talking to Him.  After that, I didn’t think on it again and it was completely forgotten.  Well, that is until about 2 hours later when all of a sudden, I felt a HUGE wave of anger hit me like a ton of bricks!  Not my own anger, mind you, but the anger of the demon(s) returning after God allowed them to go back… after He was certain our conversation was over.  I felt it so strong, that in the realization of what it was, I laughed.  I laughed and laughed, out loud and laughed still more when I realized I could feel their anger at my laughing.  I was still laughing when I told them to “Go and leave me, and don’t return, in Jesus’ name!”

I realized much later that I could have just as easily told them to go on my own.  But the important lesson I learned from that incident was that not everything is written in the Bible, and the Lord WANTS us to figure things out on our own.  As born-again believers who have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we DO have immense power over the earthly things of this World!  In my request, I acted in complete FAITH, and knowing that my request was proper and godly.  And just like that… the Lord answered me.

Now, getting to the second point of this blog of “some things that you should know that are written in the Bible…”

For starters, Bible 101…. this world was given to the devil by US… Man.  From the beginning when Adam and Eve sinned, they gave the serpent control.  But through Jesus Christ, we have been given many things, among them is power over this world!  Praise the Lord!  As long as you BELIEVE and speak in complete and total FAITH, you can command the things of this earth.  Jesus gave many examples of this, such as when he told his disciples to go out and heal the sick and when He told the fig tree to never bear fruit again.  The biggest scriptural reference of this type, that most people will know, is this:

“And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” ~Matthew 17:20 (KJV)

As someone who believes that God says what He means, and means what He says, I take that quite literally.  “Nothing shall be impossible unto you.”  If you act in faith and belief, NOTHING is impossible.

MANY times in the scriptures, Jesus tells his disciples that the only reason they can’t do the things He’s doing is because of their LACK OF FAITH.  If you are not operating in complete and total FAITH and BELIEF, or if you just don’t know or don’t understand your authority, it’s time you did!

I highly recommend Andrew Wommack’s book “The Believer’s Authority: What You Didn’t Learn in Church.”  This book was a huge eye-opener for me as a new Christian!  My husband, who has been a Christian his entire life also found the information in this book invaluable!  Even being a Christian for 40 years, he had never known his true authority until Andrew Wommack showed it to him.

I had a conversation with a friend recently where I told her that she was really missing the Lord in her life.  Frankly, her life is a mess.   Unhappiness, strife, anger and sickness run rampant, and have done so for years now.  She is a self-proclaimed Christian but never acts like it.  She doesn’t study or even read the Bible, doesn’t speak of the Lord at all…. outwardly, nothing she does would tell anyone she’s a Christian.  She is all consumed with “making memories” and is constantly trying to put together fun outings for family and friends.  And if she misses some special event, she speaks about it as though her world has come to and end.  She puts more emphasis on “having fun” than seeking the Lord!  And recently, I told her that same thing.  I said that if she only knew her authority in Christ, she would kick those demons of strife, fear, anger and sickness in the butt and send them packing!  

This is an area that appears to be unknown to most Christians, and some don’t want to believe it even when you tell them!  But if those Christians, my friend included, just studied their Bible and asked God to give them more knowledge, He would and they would know this to be TRUTH just like I do.

In conclusion, I will say that the only way to know things in the Bible is to STUDY it… often.  And the only way to know things that are not in the Bible is to REFLECT on your studies… often.  AND do both those things while engaged in an intimate relationship with the Lord.   Then, your eyes will open up and your Spirit will be filled unlike anything you’ve ever known…

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Christians Censoring Christians and Why I Now Support Only Prophecy Watchers…

Hello friends!  I know, I know.. I haven’t written a blog in a year.  But similar to what I said last year, our business has grown and is still growing and I think I must work 60+ hours per week.  That leaves little room for blogging.  But something happened in the last couple days and I just had to write about it.  This is not a blog I would normally write.  I don’t usually comment on such matters.  But this one really bothered me and I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to write about it. Maybe so those at fault can see the error of their ways and turn back to doing things the way God would want them to?  I don’t know.  But in any event, here are my thoughts and feelings on the matter:

My husband and I are huge supporters of the new ministry, PROPHECY WATCHERS.  The Christian teachers/ministers of that ministry are Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich.  These two fine gentlemen used to be a part of Prophecy in the News (PITN).  However, they left a few months ago to begin their own ministry.  They really haven’t said much about why they left.  I feel in my spirit that there was a ‘conflict’ although I have no earthly knowledge of that.  I don’t know either of those men personally;  only through their books and teachings.  What I do know is that they have opened doors of knowledge for my husband and I for many years.  Whether they did that through PITN or PROPHECY WATCHERS ministries, we did not care.  We began watching PITN shows after J.R. Church had already passed on.  We never saw him while he was still on this Earth but have watched many shows with him and Gary Stearman.  But for my husband and I, Gary and Bob were the ones at the heart of the ministry that was started by J.R.  Simple as that.


So we attempted to continue on with PITN while we also started to follow Prophecy Watchers. Gary was replaced by Dr. Kevin Clarkson.  A man whom we had no prior knowledge of before we saw him on PITN.  We tried watching a couple of videos of him early on.  Sadly, he just didn’t speak to us the way Gary and Bob did.  We were missing the messages.  We didn’t feel in our spirits that this was the man who would lead us any further on our path.  But we did feel that continuing to follow Gary and Bob WAS exactly what the Lord wanted us to do.

That being said, I continued to see PITN Facebook posts in my news feed.  I liked keeping up with them.  After all, we’ve donated money to the ministry over the last couple years, bought books, DVDs and streamed the prophecy summits!  We’ve been great supporters of that ministry.  But what happened this week let me down so much, I will no longer support them.  In fact, this will be the very last time I ever write or speak about them again.  And it’s all due to their CENSORSHIP of truth.

I’ll get to the heart of what happened in moment, but for now I’ll start from the beginning:

The first message on the change posted on the PITN Facebook page about Gary’s departure was cryptic and again, in my spirit I felt was not entirely truthful.  It seemed “nice” but was lacking the emotional depth you would think would be there after so many years.  That seemed odd to us.  But we simply shrugged it off at the time.  Then I started to notice little things like, pictures and posts of Gary and Bob disappeared from the PITN Facebook page.  While it looked very innocent, only leaving posts that centered on Dr. Clarkson and guest speakers, it also looked like “hard feelings” coming out on the part of PITN.  You can’t “wash your hands” of the past!  Gary and Bob helped BUILD PITN, along with J.R.  You can’t just go back and act like that didn’t happen.  Another example of something that appears to be “hard feelings” on the part of PITN;  Gary Stearman’s book “Time Travelers of the Bible” is missing from the PITN store.  Why?  If there are no hard feelings.  (There may be others missing too, but that’s the one I noticed.)

Even after all this, I was still following PITN on Facebook and looking forward to the Orlando Prophecy Summit coming up.  But that has all changed.  What really got to me was when they censored a nice, innocent post I made on their page.  I wish I could link it for you, but again, they DELETED it.  Almost immediately, it was gone.  The original post I commented on was from Linda and entitled “My final word about Gary and Bob.”  In the post, she says that “the hate speech and threats have got to stop”, and “….we have had to monitor our facebook page round the clock. We delete all the ugly comments, so you don’t have to be exposed to what we see. It is not Christian like, and I don’t want you to be exposed to the ugly language and hate.”

So they are deleting them before anyone can see them?  Okay.  What about the deletions of Gary and Bob from the Facebook page altogether?  Why can’t we see that?  Why censor at all?  Why not let us see the “ugly language and hate” and respond to it ourselves?

But I digress… I read Linda’s post and agreed with her.  So I made a comment.  I will attempt to remember as much as I can, since I just wrote it a couple days ago.  I said, and very nicely I might add, that I agreed that Christians shouldn’t be saying bad things about other Christians.  That my husband and I tried to watch Dr. Clarkson but that he just didn’t speak to us like Gary and Bob do.  That we still support the ministry.  I said, speaking to the nay-sayers, why would Gary and Bob give notice they were leaving PITN in any other way?  They were EMPLOYEES, and handled it exactly how employees would when leaving an employer to begin their own similar business.  I also said that people should Keep Looking Up with Dr. Clarkson or Keep Watching with Gary and Bob, but stop placing blame, pointing fingers and grow up already.  That was the meat of my post.  It was not ugly but instead supportive of BOTH ministries.

Then, just like that, they deleted it before anyone could see it.

WHY?  Because I said Dr. Clarkson didn’t speak to me?  Because I dared to mention Gary and Bob?  Seriously, WHY?  How childish on the part of PITN.  And Linda wonders why they are still getting hate messages?  If those at PITN run their ship the way they are running their Facebook page, look no further.  The answer is as clear as day.

In conclusion, the fact of the matter is what PITN is now doing is CENSORING.  And worse, CENSORING CHRISTIANS.  CENSORING THE WORD.  That is the hard truth of the matter.  In their need to lick their wounds or passive aggressively jab Gary and Bob, they are keeping the Word of God from all of us!  THAT IS NOT CHRISTIAN MY FRIENDS.  And I no longer support their ministry because of it.  Plain and simple.

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