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September 2015 Will Be Significant for All Christians…

I don’t know if you Christians out there are feeling and experiencing what my husband and I have been lately, but something very BIG is about to happen.  Both of us have been feeling odd, off or strange for the past few months.  It’s very difficult to really put our finger on it and call it just one thing.  Some days feel “normal”, some days everything feels “off” even though we don’t sense any direct demonic attack or intervention and some days we feel demonic attack of an enormous proportion.  Even our cats have been acting a bit strange lately, and there is nothing new or different in our lives to explain it.

This past Sunday, we even had a very strong spirit of Death that came over our home and family.  The Holy Spirit came on me heavy with this knowledge and about the same moment I said something about it to my husband, he began to feel it as well.  We left the house and immediately saw a dead animal on our street, when I don’t recall ever seeing a dead one in the 5 years we have lived here.  We had to pray in tongues for awhile and ask the Lord to intervene on this one for us, and the rest of the day was fine.  But this was still UNUSUAL for us, and goes right along with the odd, off and strange things we’ve been feeling and experiencing as of late.

And if you are Christian, you know exactly what I mean, because you too have been experiencing similar things.

Things have been getting worse for several years now.  Every year, you can sort of reflect and realize how much worse it was than the previous year.  The world is changing and doing so at such an alarming rate that it feels “out of control” at this point.  I can sense that there is no stopping it.  The Bible says that no one knows the day or the hour that Jesus will return but we will know the “season.”  And friends, there has never been more evidence than there is today, that we are in that “season.”   But if you are Christian, you most certainly already know this, so I’ll just get right to the point…..

I came across a Youtube video completely by accident.  Or, more likely, the Holy Spirit guided me to it.  That video opened my eyes W-I-D-E and I started putting more of the puzzle pieces together of why I’ve been feeling the way I have lately.  This video points to September 2015.  Here’s a short list of important things happening in September.  This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a complete list.

  1. The 14th Anniversary of 9/11 September 11, 2015

  2. The Jewish Shemitah Year Ends September 13, 2015

  3. The Jade Helm Exercises End September 15, 2015

  4. Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, Final 70th Year of Jubilee, September 23, 2015

  5. Pope Francis to address Congress on September 24, 2015

  6. Supposedly a Meteor will Strike Earth on September 24, 2015 (mostly gossip but worth noting that it’s being widely reported.)

  7. “European Researcher’s Night” at CERN September 25, 2015 (This is their “International Year of Light” and kind of a fitting title for what I think is about to happen.)

  8. The 4th Blood Moon on the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles September 28, 2015

At this point, my husband and I believe that the 3rd week of September will be the most important time in recent history.  As Christians, we may even be Raptured during this time.  And while we don’t know the day or hour, it certainly looks to be a very likely time period.

>>  **  Important Note:  I feel that I need to point out that Christians well-versed in Bible prophecy, like myself, believe that the coming great deception might just be something “alien” in nature.  Once we are caught up, the world leaders will need an excuse for the missing, and if numerous television shows and movies are any indication, it will be an alien invasion used to explain away our Earthly departure.  From movies like, “Signs” and “Knowing” to last year’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Signal”, the public is well-ready and won’t be surprised in the least, to hear that millions of people worldwide vanished suddenly.  This event, our being caught up, I believe, will usher in the New World Order and coming great deception.  And make no mistake, we do not know the day or hour for our rapture and this blog post is nothing but conjecture on my part.  That being said, I’m taking all the pieces of this very large and very old puzzle, and assembling them, and while the puzzle is far from complete, the picture itself can easily be identified!


Jonathan Cahn on September 23, 2015 the start of the Jubilee Year


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