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Here’s Why Food Addiction is the Hardest to Beat…

This post is actually an update to the one I posted earlier today.  I received a question that I feel deserves a bigger answer than I can give via a blog comment.  That question is, and I’m paraphrasing:


If I have overcome all the reasons that caused me, in the past, to be overweight and stress-eat, then why can’t I lose the weight now?


The answer isn’t as easy as you might think.  First, I’m 48 years old and that means that for over 35 years I have been addicted to food.  A 35 year addiction won’t be kicked in a day, or maybe even a year.  And it’s even harder if your addiction is for food.  Why?  Well, that brings me to my second point.


Second, food is something that EVERYTHING on the planet needs.  Everything “NEEDS” food to live.  You don’t need drugs…. you don’t need alcohol…. you don’t even need sex to live;  but you do need food.  I think this is one of the reasons that the devil targets people with a food addiction…. because it is the HARDEST addiction to overcome.


Think about it.  Just STOP and think about it.  If you are addicted to alcohol, and I’ve known people that were alcoholics, you cannot have even one drink.  One drink can send you right back to square one.  Same with drugs.  Some drug addicts or alcoholics cannot even be NEAR drugs or alcohol.  The smell alone will bring about a temptation that this too strong.  Now, I’m certain there are some that will say that’s not the case with everyone.  And yes, there will be some that can get through and not be tempted.  But I knew someone that had to ask if alcohol is going to be served at a wedding or birthday party or whatever, and if alcohol would be there, he absolutely could not come.  It was a DIFFICULT struggle for him, even on good days.


Now, let’s say that the same alcoholic MUST take one sip of alcohol 3 times per day.  Could that alcoholic beat the addiction?  Or, would it get harder and harder until they were broken?  That is how it is for me and food.  I can’t just quit cold turkey, as some do with alcohol or drugs.  I HAVE to have food to survive. It’s NOT A CHOICE;  It’s a fact of life.  So they tell you to eat right and eat smaller portions or take in only so many calories, etc.  But for me, I feel like an alcoholic who can only have one sip.


I realize there are always exceptions, and weight loss is not like this for everyone.  Some have 30 pounds creep up on them over the course of 3 years, then they go on a diet and everything’s fine for another 3 years.  THAT IS NOT ME.  And that is not how it is for many with a food addiction.


The very last diet I was on was 3 years ago and I lost 50 pounds.  I spent another 2 years gaining it all slowly back.  I’m done.  I’m tired of fighting for something that doesn’t matter to me as much as it matters to everyone else.  I don’t want to live the rest of my life going up and down.  I’ve taken all the drugs that help with weight loss.  They work… for a little while.  Then you stop taking them and gain the weight back.  The surgeries… I’ve read about them all.  I couldn’t afford any of them, even if I did want to have surgery.


I’ve lived long enough to see so many people’s lives utterly destroyed by alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, sex, and even workaholics can destroy their lives.  But food never made me lose my job, my spouse, my home… being overweight means I might not be able to do as much as a skinny person can, but it has not destroyed my life.  Every person that tells me that I am “unhealthy” has been a life-long skinny person who has NO IDEA what they are talking about.  At age 25, I weighed 200 pounds and I exercised.  I used to have more stamina and out-do my skinny girlfriends who didn’t exercise.  My doctor took some blood and couldn’t believe my cholesterol was so low and my blood pressure was normal.  WHY?  Because they are all taught that fat people are unhealthy and in my own experience, that is simply NOT TRUE.  (Today, at age 48, my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are still good.)


Look, the general public is so OBSESSED with being thin and exercising… being “beautiful”…. that they can’t believe anyone would want to be fat.  So they fat-shame and fat-bash.  I don’t “want” to be fat.  I heard Oprah Winfrey once say something to the effect that she felt God made people who they are, and some of us are Saint Bernards and some of us are Chihuahuas.  I’m HAPPY… I realize that is impossible for skinny people to understand, but I AM HAPPY as a Saint Bernard and am not ashamed.  The Lord made me and I will continue living for Him.  And that, I can do, at any size.


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This Christian Fat Girl is Using the Lord’s Help to Overcome Obesity…

Well friends, it’s been a crazy couple of months. I can’t even begin to tell you how the Lord is moving in my life. We live in very interesting times, with a lot of people saying that the “end times” are here, and I don’t disagree with them. But with all the new information that the Lord has shown me lately, He actually has put it on my heart to write about something else… being overweight and battling obesity.

All my life I have struggled with my weight. As a kid, I seemed to be hungry ALL the time, and us kids played outside DAILY back then! With all the activity, I still wonder why I struggled with my weight. I remember always telling my mother how hungry I was and she let us kids eat whatever we wanted from the kitchen, not really supervising or proportioning things for us. I’m sure that had some impact on my chubbiness. But, I know now that it is a demon causing me this trouble for all these years.

As an adult, these ‘hunger’ and ‘craving’ problems just got worse and worse. When I starved myself, I didn’t gain one ounce. But as soon as I even tried to eat normally, even if I watched what I ate and tried to eat right, I would start rapidly gaining weight. No diet ever worked long-term except the one where I was a slave for many years to counting calories, exercising vigorously and never eating out… ever. And for those that think this is a medical issue, it isn’t. I have had blood work done off and on over the past 20 years and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my thyroid or whatever else might be a cause of weight gain. Every time a new doctor would say that I might have this condition or that condition, my blood work never showed it and therefore I’m told, nothing is wrong with me. And when I look at what I eat, and how much I eat, in a single day, most days I don’t come close to what I see others eat!

I blame you, but not your fault

In the last 25+ years, I’ve done everything from weight loss clinics, diet pills, limiting what foods I could eat, counting calories every day for years and even brainwashing myself to believe that certain things would or wouldn’t happen if I was overweight… just to keep myself from eating, to keep myself thin. In this area of my life, it has been a miserable existence. I would end up sacrificing one unhealthy thing for another so no true happiness or accomplishment was ever made. Another tell-tale sign I was dealing with something demonic. But to be fair, I was not Born-Again at this time, so I had no idea that the true cause of my troubles was satan.

ALL my life, from every possible source, I have been told that I am fat and I should lose weight, and if I can’t, it’s ALL my own fault for not having willpower. Even in a society as medically advanced, and supposedly TOLERANT of people’s problems, food addiction/obesity is still looked down upon as something YOU did to yourself and you’re supposed to starve yourself and be skinny like the rest of us. And what hypocrisy it is! In today’s society so many believe that drug addiction, gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, etc. are DISEASES, but somehow my obesity… considered by most to be a FOOD ADDICTION… is NOT a disease? If you are addicted to alcohol, you are sick but if you’re addicted to food you lack willpower and are looked down upon? Excuse me but that has got to be the most hypocritical thing I ever heard!

Now that I’m finished ranting, I’ll get to the meat of this post. No pun intended. If you follow my blogs, you know that I am a huge follower of Christian teacher Andrew Wommack. I really needed some guidance about what I should be doing at this point in my life concerning my life-long weight problems. I wasn’t sure if I needed deliverance from a food demon or I should be laying hands on my body and healing it of obesity, or what about iniquities inherent in my family? So I wrote to Andrew’s ministry and got back a very eye-opening response! It was a very long and detailed message, including scriptures to back up the message. Due to it’s length, I won’t post the entire thing here but instead I will highlight a few key points. The first one being that Andrew does not believe we should impose a ‘law’ on ourselves concerning our diet and what foods we eat. Just like what happened to me, the ‘law’ then makes us a slave to it. While Andrew does say that we need to have common sense and eat as wisely as we are able to, he also recommends “eating by faith.”

It says in part… “If our faith for healing is in food, then we are submitting to natural sources for our health and we will live or die according to those natural things. If we eat by faith (true faith), blessing each thing that we eat and receiving it with gladness, knowing that God is our healer and the Word is medicine to our flesh, then we are free from a new dietary religious bondage. We can easily see if our eating is by faith or not by the results. Health and weight problems would indicate that we aren’t eating by faith.”

So the end result is that my husband and I have started praising God and thanking him for everything we put into our bodies, even water, and asking that the food be a blessing to our bodies, in Jesus’ name. In the short amount of time we have been doing that, we have seen a great difference in how the food makes us feel. I didn’t say anything to my husband at first, but some of the foods we ate tasted different to me, and they even FELT different once inside my stomach! When I finally mentioned this in passing to my husband, he stopped me and said, “Wow I was feeling that way too but thought it was just me!” So we have discovered that “eating by true faith” is all that was needed all along. I feel set free from my obesity and hope to update everyone in the coming months to the numerous, positive changes that occur in my body!

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