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The Rapture: There’s More To The Story on Who Will Be Caught Up…

The Rapture.  Everybody’s heard of it and some of us Christians are even greatly anticipating it.  My husband and I have talked about it at various times over the past few years.  And after giving it much thought and consulting with Lord, I came to some very interesting conclusions.

First of all, I will say that I’m in a group of Christians known as “Pre-Tribbers”.  That is, we believe that we will be raptured BEFORE the beginning of the Tribulation period.  Since that’s not the topic of my blog today, I’m not going to go into it.  BUT if you want to know more, I suggest you check out Chuck Missler’s video on The Rapture.  He goes into great detail on exactly why we believe that and backs it all up with Scripture.  After watching that, I don’t know how you could believe anything different.

Now back to it.  I started all this by thinking what would happen directly after The Rapture.  I think that the world would be turned upside down at first.  Loved ones and friends would be missing.  I know that my entire family would be raptured since they are all Christian and have already accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  But since I have 5 cats, my mind went directly to what would happen to them.  For many years, I have KNOWN that our pets would be with us in Heaven.  I just felt it in my Spirit.  And as much as I have loved my pets over the years, I could never imagine Heaven without them in it!  And I once heard Chuck Missler say that we know that at least 4 horses are there, right?!  Thankfully, Terry James with Tom Horn and others in the book “Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?”, addresses that very topic.

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The Bible is chock full of so many references to animals, I couldn’t possibly list them all here.  If they have no soul as some Christians believe, WHY, as pointed out in the book, were they created “for His enjoyment” (Revelation 4:11) and “God never forgets about them” (Matthew 10:29 and Luke 12:6)?   That certainly doesn’t sound like a God that made animals with no soul and saw them as disposable creations!  And one of my favorite verses is Psalms 150:6; “Let Everything That has Breath Praise the Lord!”  Certainly He meant animals too.

I remember telling my husband about a year ago that I believed ALL children would be taken at the Rapture.  The Lord certainly knows the age at which a child has the ability to decide for themselves if they have accepted Jesus Christ.  It might be very personal and for one child it could be age 6 or for another could be age 16.  But whatever system He uses, if a child is too young to fully understand Christianity, then I believe they will be Raptured since they are “innocents”.  I’m sure this very topic has been addressed many times before, but I saw it for the first time in the current movie “Left Behind”, starring Nicholas Cage.  In the movie, ALL the children were caught up.  They didn’t address teenagers and none were shown in the movie but I suspect there would be some of those left behind.  If you’ve ever been the parent of a teen, I’m certain you agree they are old enough to understand.

Now moving on, I have never had children of my own and due to a surgery, I never can.  My animals have always been my “children.”  Some people understand that and some don’t.  But to those that do understand, it’s as important to me that my pets be raptured the same as my step-children will!  So I posited to my husband that I believed our 5 cats would be raptured with us.  He looked at me and just said, “you think?”  He’d never thought about it before and I wonder how many other Christians have.  Well, think about it this way.  The Rapture just happened and the world is in chaos.  And at that point there just might be more “bad” people in the world than “good” people.  Crime would skyrocket.  Most people would be concerned for loved ones and be searching for them, trying to get them on the phone and traveling to their homes to see if they are okay.  I don’t think most people would really be concerned for animals.  If you knew the family next door had been raptured, would you consider taking in their 3 dogs with the world in chaos and food probably in very short supply?  Do you leave the dogs inside to slowly starve to death?  Just from READING our Bibles, we KNOW the Lord LOVES animals!  I just don’t see Him leaving them this way to die so horribly.  It certainly makes more sense that your animals will be raptured with you!  If our animals go to Heaven and as it’s been established, THEY DO, then again it makes perfect sense they would be going with us.  I have no scripture to back that up.  I only have the Word of God given to me by the Holy Spirit that it is so.

And I wouldn’t be writing a blog if I didn’t throw out an even crazier notion or two.  So, I will say that the animals being raptured will help the case of the coming great deception.  Some of us Christians do believe that the anti-Christ will be an “alien.”  The alien will probably give the story that different aliens, evil ones, took the people for use as slave labor on some far away planet.  (And he’s one of the “good aliens” here to help us! *sneer*)  The evil aliens took ALL the children because they can train them easier and the reason they took adults is because they need us to watch over the children.  Why did they take our pets?  Well, they need to make sure we feel as “comfortable” as possible on our new homeworld.  Or, maybe we need some incentive to “go along” with whatever they tell us?  Threatening to kill my pets would certainly keep me in line.  It will be a “great deception” so the explanation doesn’t even have to make sense.  All will be deceived by it.

In conclusion, I will say that even if I was wrong, the Lord knows I’m not going without my pets.  I’m certain He will let me bring them. 🙂


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What You Should Know About Ghosts, Aliens and Other Paranormal Phenomena…

Okay so I decided to make this a separate post rather than a part 2 of the previous one.  This one is all about ghosts, aliens and other paranormal phenomena.  The Lord put it on my heart to write about this after reading a recent news story about people fleeing a rented home because it was haunted.  I appear to be one of the few that actually believes them.  Not because I think they have ‘ghosts’, but because I know what’s really going on in the house.

Before I was born again, I was really interested in anything related to the paranormal, ghosts, aliens… anything unexplained.  When I was a child, a friend of my mother’s was a caretaker in a Civil War-area home in Hendersonville, Tennessee called “Hazel Path” that was haunted; I knew a lady once who claimed to have seen fairies tending to flowers in her yard and leprechauns dancing under her windows at night; and I’ve read true stories of people that claim to be abducted by aliens and all have implants similar in design that they believe are used by the aliens to keep track of them.  All of these things were great mysteries to me that I was really interested in solving.  Back then, I wanted to be the one who goes into a haunted house and sees a ghost and the one that sees an alien spacecraft.  Now that I am born again, I would never want to see either of those things.

So then what are all these stories of ghosts and aliens about?  Let’s tackle aliens first.  In Whitley Strieber’s book entitled “Communion”, he talks about his true story of alien abduction from his farm in upstate New York.  Now to be fair, he never says they are aliens but only calls them ‘visitors’.  But if you read his account of what happened, it was very clearly what we call ‘aliens’ that visited him and it is generally accepted as such by the UFO community.  However, the TRUTH is that he was under demonic attack.  The ‘aliens’ were demons.  In my talks with the Lord, he has confirmed this as well.

Everything aliens do is demonic in nature.  They are not friendly, happy, little blue or green men from a far away planet that only anal probe you and mutilate cows to ‘help us’.  I’ve read so many accounts that say the aliens are here to try to protect us from our own inevitable destruction.  And I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how looking up my anus will keep us from destroying ourselves.  It makes ZERO logical sense, although the UFO community seems to accept all of this.  I’ve also read tons of accounts of women who were pregnant and then abducted by aliens and the next day were no longer pregnant.  Some claim the aliens are harvesting their eggs and others claim the aliens showed them their alien-human hybrid babies.  If that doesn’t sound straight-up DEMONIC, I don’t know what does.

Chuck Missler is a man I greatly admire.  If you’ve never seen any of his lectures or read his books, you should really check them out.  He has a great lecture about the “Return of the Nephilim”.  I’m sure some of you who read your Bible have read about the Nephilim but never really knew what that was.  Well, he explains it in such great detail; you are nothing short of amazed at his findings.   He connects the dots between the Nephilim, the giants spoken of in the Bible and their connection to the ‘aliens’ seen in recent times.  And the more and more UFO sightings documented, he believes are signs of the ends times talked about in the Bible.  If you watch his lecture about it here on YouTube, he does make a compelling case that I believe any Christian couldn’t ignore.

Now, let’s move on and talk about ghosts.  Ghosts appear to come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  I’ve heard about nice ghosts, mean ghosts, helpful ghosts, and ghosts that are children or old men or even ghost dogs.  We already know that when you die, your soul immediately goes to be with the Lord.  The Lord has informed me (when I asked him directly on this matter) that ghosts are simply demons messing with you.  And why?  Because if you really think that your dead grandmother is still in your house, you are reluctant to tell her to ‘go in Jesus’ name’! because, well… after all, it’s grandma, right?

Here’s the best example I can give for a well-documented ghost story…The Bell Witch.  I was raised and lived around Nashville, Tennessee for 35 years.  The story of The Bell Witch is a very prominent ghost story where I’m from.  I’ve even been to Adams, Tennessee to see The Bell Witch Cave (where the ‘witch’ is said to haunt).  If you read the story about The Bell Witch, you’ve no doubt seen clear signs of demonic activity in this case.  The ‘witch’ starts with simple rapping on the walls of the Bell Family home, which escalates to growling.  People start hearing the stories of what’s happening in the home and The Bell Family and others start ‘communicating’ with the thing.  The ‘witch’ even said her name was Kate.  It laughs at them, ridicules them and basically, TORMENTS them.  President Andrew Jackson, who lived in his home in Hermitage, Tennessee at the time, even traveled to the Bell home and left saying he would never return.  All these people gave POWER to the demon by giving attention to it!  That is why it started with simple tapping and finally after months, it escalated to the ‘witch’ actually hitting people and then taking full credit for the death of John Bell.  All these people gave power to the demon and it increased in power.  That was no ghost… that was a straight-up DEMON.

I have watched true ghost story shows on television and they are all the same.  The ‘ghost’ makes people afraid, hurts them with scratches or welts or even tries to push someone down a flight of stairs.  The ‘ghost’ just generally makes life hellish for them.  ALL of these are DEMONS.    I’ve even seen shows where admitted Christians act as if it’s a ‘ghost’ in their home.  How can you be a Christian and not tell the thing ‘to leave in Jesus’ name!’  So instead, these people leave the ghosts alone and live with them in GREAT FEAR or they move out of FEAR, and let it be someone else’s problem.  The demons have figured out that if you think they are just ‘ghosts’ of innocent dead people, you’ll let them stay, and so all these people do just that.

One thing I want to mention about demons is that there are lots of different types.  There’s also evidence of demon hierarchy in the Bible but I won’t go into that here.  The point is that some may be powerful enough to come and go as they please, but there is also evidence that some get sort of get ‘stuck’ in a place, presumably waiting for a new person to come along that they can inhabit.

Case in point is a story told by Andrew Wommack.  In his book entitled “The Believer’s Authority”, he talks about his “grandmother’s room.”  He was 8 years old when she died, but he says that she ‘left behind some demons in the room’ because he saw things moving at night in the room and no one who moved into the room would stay longer than a few weeks.  The room was basically kept locked for 12 years.  Well, that is, until Andrew went into the room and he kicked those demons out.  It would seem that upon his grandmother’s death, the demons attached to her were left behind just waiting to get hold of the next unsuspecting person and they were literally ‘stuck’ in the room until then.

I have read countless reports of haunted buildings that appear to be chock full of ghosts.  Usually, these are old buildings that experienced a lot of death. Take for example, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was originally a hospital for tuberculosis patients, then later a geriatric facility, and it’s documented that over 60,000 people died in the building.  It is notoriously haunted.  So if that many people died there, then I would suspect that there are countless demons that were left behind to ‘haunt’ the facility.  But again, they are DEMONS and not ghosts that need our ‘investigation’ or our ‘communication’ with them.  Giving any attention to them only empowers them.

And one last point I want to make is that the non-Christian community is so quick to believe in fairies, elves, zombies, vampires, ghosts, aliens, and the like, but they just can’t believe in a supreme being that created the human race and LOVES US so much His only Son gave His life for us.  No, they can’t believe that because that would be crazy!  R-I-G-H-T.  Crazy.

In conclusion, the bottom line is that aliens, ghosts, fairies… whatever strange ‘creature’ you may encounter, it’s nothing more than a demon.  Don’t be afraid, don’t run away and tell someone you saw a fairy, don’t do anything but laugh in it’s face and tell it to ‘GO IN JESUS’ NAME!’

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