Matthew 20:1-16

Not Everything You Should Know is Written in the Bible… But Many Things Are!

Well Friends, I woke up yesterday morning with the Holy Spirit telling me to write again.  It apparently doesn’t matter to Him that I have tons of other work to do, like my 2014 taxes, I’ve got to stop everything and blog.  haha  😉

So, I’ll start off this blog with an example of “not everything you should know is written in the Bible…”

Back when I was partly Christian and partly New-Ager, I used to think things about the Bible that were just not true.  Mostly they were things heard on a television program or things incorrectly told to me by others.  I used to be angry with God and wonder why certain things were not addressed in the Bible, like will my cat be in Heaven?  I mean, after all, if the Bible is supposed to be a sort of “instruction manual” for life on earth, then shouldn’t more information be in it?  That’s what I used to think, anyway.

Now that I’ve studied the Bible for many years, I realize that God wants us to read the Bible to obtain specific information but also wants us to figure out certain things on our own.  I remember one day I said, with very little thought and quite innocently, “God, I’d like to have a private conversation with you. One where it’s just you and me and no demons can hear it at all.”  I figured that it was a proper request, even though there’s no Bible passage that tells me to do that.  So I asked it, in FAITH, and then went about talking to Him.  After that, I didn’t think on it again and it was completely forgotten.  Well, that is until about 2 hours later when all of a sudden, I felt a HUGE wave of anger hit me like a ton of bricks!  Not my own anger, mind you, but the anger of the demon(s) returning after God allowed them to go back… after He was certain our conversation was over.  I felt it so strong, that in the realization of what it was, I laughed.  I laughed and laughed, out loud and laughed still more when I realized I could feel their anger at my laughing.  I was still laughing when I told them to “Go and leave me, and don’t return, in Jesus’ name!”

I realized much later that I could have just as easily told them to go on my own.  But the important lesson I learned from that incident was that not everything is written in the Bible, and the Lord WANTS us to figure things out on our own.  As born-again believers who have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we DO have immense power over the earthly things of this World!  In my request, I acted in complete FAITH, and knowing that my request was proper and godly.  And just like that… the Lord answered me.

Now, getting to the second point of this blog of “some things that you should know that are written in the Bible…”

For starters, Bible 101…. this world was given to the devil by US… Man.  From the beginning when Adam and Eve sinned, they gave the serpent control.  But through Jesus Christ, we have been given many things, among them is power over this world!  Praise the Lord!  As long as you BELIEVE and speak in complete and total FAITH, you can command the things of this earth.  Jesus gave many examples of this, such as when he told his disciples to go out and heal the sick and when He told the fig tree to never bear fruit again.  The biggest scriptural reference of this type, that most people will know, is this:

“And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” ~Matthew 17:20 (KJV)

As someone who believes that God says what He means, and means what He says, I take that quite literally.  “Nothing shall be impossible unto you.”  If you act in faith and belief, NOTHING is impossible.

MANY times in the scriptures, Jesus tells his disciples that the only reason they can’t do the things He’s doing is because of their LACK OF FAITH.  If you are not operating in complete and total FAITH and BELIEF, or if you just don’t know or don’t understand your authority, it’s time you did!

I highly recommend Andrew Wommack’s book “The Believer’s Authority: What You Didn’t Learn in Church.”  This book was a huge eye-opener for me as a new Christian!  My husband, who has been a Christian his entire life also found the information in this book invaluable!  Even being a Christian for 40 years, he had never known his true authority until Andrew Wommack showed it to him.

I had a conversation with a friend recently where I told her that she was really missing the Lord in her life.  Frankly, her life is a mess.   Unhappiness, strife, anger and sickness run rampant, and have done so for years now.  She is a self-proclaimed Christian but never acts like it.  She doesn’t study or even read the Bible, doesn’t speak of the Lord at all…. outwardly, nothing she does would tell anyone she’s a Christian.  She is all consumed with “making memories” and is constantly trying to put together fun outings for family and friends.  And if she misses some special event, she speaks about it as though her world has come to and end.  She puts more emphasis on “having fun” than seeking the Lord!  And recently, I told her that same thing.  I said that if she only knew her authority in Christ, she would kick those demons of strife, fear, anger and sickness in the butt and send them packing!  

This is an area that appears to be unknown to most Christians, and some don’t want to believe it even when you tell them!  But if those Christians, my friend included, just studied their Bible and asked God to give them more knowledge, He would and they would know this to be TRUTH just like I do.

In conclusion, I will say that the only way to know things in the Bible is to STUDY it… often.  And the only way to know things that are not in the Bible is to REFLECT on your studies… often.  AND do both those things while engaged in an intimate relationship with the Lord.   Then, your eyes will open up and your Spirit will be filled unlike anything you’ve ever known…


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  1. You said, “MANY times in the scriptures, Jesus tells his disciples that the only reason they can’t do the things He’s doing is because of their LACK OF FAITH. If you are not operating in complete and total FAITH and BELIEF, or if you just don’t know or don’t understand your authority, it’s time you did!” From your experience, how EXACTLY do you operate in complete and total faith and belief? I have read most of Andrew Wommack’s books by the way. So I understand that you must renew your mind by reading the Word and so on. But I have asked and spoken and used my authority and yet I do not see results and some of my requests have been very important. I believe and have faith and yet I do not see much in the way of examples healing through my own prayers or the prayers of others. Andrew prayed over my daughter and she died two months later. She and I believed she would be healed on earth but she was not. When I wrote to Andrew one of his people answered by saying maybe my daughter wanted to die! (NO!), otherwise it was a lack of faith on her part or the part of those who prayed for her. I guess that is the only way out when you teach things like he does, but it was far from helpful, in fact in was very hurtful. Any ideas? If you are just going to say the same old pat things like Andrew does, then please just don’t respond. Thank you.

    Comment by Debbie | February 26, 2015 | Reply

    • First, let me say I am sorry for the loss of your daughter. But REJOICE for she is with the Lord! My husband and I have been struggling with the same issue of believing but not yet receiving. We have believed and seen our prayer answered just 2 hours later. But this does not happen every time. We KNOW that we have faith and belief and do not waver from it. We KNOW that, just as Andrew Wommack teaches, the Lord DOES answer every prayer, every time, so long as it is appropriate. But something else is keeping the prayer from being answered. I have asked the Lord about this and been receiving some answers just recently. Andrew Wommack is NOT wrong. But in my opinion and my own experience, Andrew is trying to get people on the right path with VERY SIMPLE advice. BUT at the same time, is NOT that simple. I am going to write a blog going into more detail in the next couple days, so if you want to know why I think you didn’t experience what Andrew has taught, then check back on my blog. Lastly, I will say your comment ends with a negative statement. If someone gives you information and the Holy Spirit inside you says it’s wrong, then listen to it. But if it’s your own mind not wanting to believe, then you need to get back on the godly path. Only then will you have the answers you seek. My husband and I have many unanswered prayers but we do NOT WAVER in our FAITH AND BELIEF. We prayed over one of our cats to be healed and we believed it yet he died anyway. We do not fault God because we know that the devil is the author of that. We don’t dismiss it by saying that Andrew is wrong! We do not know why that prayer went unanswered, the same as you do not know why your daughter was allowed to die. Only God knows that. And you will know the answer too, if you ask Him. Intimate prayer with the Lord brings me ALL the answers I seek and He will do the same for you.

      Comment by the11thhourworker | March 15, 2015 | Reply

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